Custom Bike Builds

The team here at Taverner Motorsports are experts and specialise in American, British and Japanese Motorcycles. We can fabricate anything and everything to build the bike of your dreams. All of our modifications are undertaken in accordance with Australian standards and we have an engineer in our team to ensure all modifications we make are 100% legal and comply with ADR regulations. This will ensure your motorcycle will stay complicit for road registration and insurance purposes. From handle bars to wheels, to guards or any other component on a motorcycle – you name it and we can customise it to how you want it!
Check out our custom build gallery for in depth info on the different custom components we have to offer – each of these can be tailored to any make or model and we can do just a single mod alone or take it all the way through to a complete build.


24k Vrod

24k Vrod This 24k gold bike was something special for us here at Taverner Motorsports. We really wanted to push the trends and go all out with the black and

The El Chappo

The El Chappo This bike was our first new build when we reopened in our Bowen Hills premises and therefore holds a special place in our hearts. It was a

The Storm Trooper

The Storm Trooper What started as a stock 2013 Vrod muscle we turned into an absolute weapon. We completely tore this bike apart and rebuilt it using top quality products


B.G.E Starting life as a 2014 Night Rod the first thing we did was get this into the workshop, up on a stand and strip it down to the engine


113% This bike was a stock 2014 Nightrod when it came to us. We began the build by sourcing a DGD 300 swingarm and wheel combo, a clean tail tidy


The Godfather

The Godfather This build started as a Low Life chassis from the US. As this came without any tins and the chassis wont accept any standard fitment we had to

Pro Streeter

Pro Streeter This bike came to us as a neglected chopper from the early 2000’s chopper craze, a time when money was no problem and a 100k plus chopper build

Joe’s Shovel

Joe’s Shovel This beauty is one of Joe’s personal builds – which is a little unusual as we’re usually too busy building other people’s bikes to have the time to

Matt Brown

Matt Brown This story begins all the way back in 2001 when a young Matt approached us for some advice about his dream to build a chopper. He then set


The Golden Child

The Golden Child The Golden Child! A fitting name for the flash 200hp weapon that went straight to the cover of “Heavy Duty” magazine in their last issue for 2022.

Candy Apple Fatty

Candy Apple Fatty This Candy Apple Fatty first came to Joe over ten years ago when it was owned by a friend of his. They were simply chasing a handlebar

Custom Softail Turbo

Custom Softail Turbo Starting life as a boring old softail standard is where this beast began. It’s transformation was a slow one and it all began with a 23”front wheel,

The Bronco

The Bronco We purchased a brand new 2017 Street 500 to use as a doner bike for this build. The first thing we did was clean up the back end

Milwaukee Madness

Milwaukee Madness We continually strive to be leaders in the industry we love which prompted us to take on the latest model Harley, the M8 platform, to see what we

Electric Blue

Electric Blue This bike began as a stock 2016 Street Glide and we wasted no time getting it into our frame jig and cutting the neck off to fit a

The Train

the train Our customer approached us with an unfinished project that he had originally stripped back in 2013 and now consisted of about 10 boxes of parts and a frame