Electric Blue

This bike began as a stock 2016 Street Glide and we wasted no time getting it into our frame jig and cutting the neck off to fit a HHI neck rake kit. This gave us 7 degrees more rake and an inch and a half stretch up. This corrected the geometry and allowed us to fit a beautiful Performance Machine 26”Revel front wheel with matching brake rotors. Once the bike was out of the jig and 100% true we then dummy fitted our fibreglass tank covers, dash, saddle bags, rear fender (all sourced from our supplier Bad Dad Customs in the US) and seat to ensure the correct fitment and nice lines before we went ahead with the paint.
A splash of Mustang Electric Blue to match the customers electric blue Mustang with some silver pin lines, hidden LED taillights along with Legend suspension Air ride being fitted. The seat was trimmed in alligator which completed the bike and made this one of the toughest baggers in the country. We had one very happy customer who got to cruise around with his girlfriend on the back, a saddle bag full of beers and a picnic blanket. In our eyes he’s a winner.