Bike Restoration

Taverner Motorsports, the motorcycle restoration expert in Brisbane has a passion for restoring motorcycles to their former glory. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, our team has an unrivalled expertise and knowledge of classic and vintage motorcycles. We are aware the importance of preserving the unique characteristics and history of each motorcycle, whether it’s a rare antique or a beloved family heirloom.

One of the key aspects of motorcycle restoration is the mechanical work. The team at Taverner Motorsports can undertake a wide range of mechanical services, from simple repairs to full engine rebuilds. We have experience working on a variety of motorcycle models and brands, and can source hard-to-find parts and components to ensure an authentic restoration. Additionally, we can also provide guidance on maintenance and care to keep the motorcycle in top condition for years to come.

We also offer cosmetic restoration services to bring the motorcycle’s appearance back to its original state. This includes paintwork, upholstery, and polishing of chrome and other metal surfaces. Our team pays attention to even the smallest details to ensure the final result is a true reflection of the motorcycle’s original beauty.
For those looking to undertake a more extensive restoration, Taverner Motorsports can provide a full nut-and-bolt rebuild service. This involves completely disassembling the motorcycle, refurbishing or replacing every component/part, and reassembling it to a concourse showroom condition.
This level of restoration requires a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to authenticity, and our team has both.
Whatever level of restoration is required, minor or major, we are confident in our ability to assist. We take pride in our work and ensure that each restored motorcycle is a testament to our dedication and expertise. Contact us today to discuss your motorcycle restoration needs.

Suzuki A100

Hornet BSA

1975 HONDA CB250



Some of our most commonly asked questions are answered here. For other queries please contact us directly, so our team can assist you.

Taverner Motorsports specialises in restoring a wide range of motorcycle models and brands, including vintage, classic, and modern bikes. Some popular brands include Harley Davidson, Triumph, Norton, BSA, Moto Guzzi, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki.
The restoration process at Taverner Motorsports involves a comprehensive approach to bring your motorcycle back to its original condition. This includes a thorough inspection of the bike, disassembly, cleaning, repair or replacement of any damaged parts, repainting or powder coating, and reassembly.
The cost of motorcycle restoration varies depending on the extent of the work required and the specific model and brand of the bike. Taverner Motorsports offers competitive pricing and can provide an accurate quote after an initial inspection and consultation.
During the restoration process, a comprehensive motorcycle servicing is performed, which includes checking the engine and making any required adjustments, transmission, brakes, suspension, and other essential components to ensure optimal performance and safety.
Yes, Taverner Motorsports specialises in restoring vintage and classic motorcycles, including those that are decades old. The team has the expertise and experience to source hard-to-find parts and components and restore them to their original glory.
Yes, Taverner Motorsports Brisbane offers custom restoration services, allowing you to personalise and modify your motorcycle to meet your specific preferences and needs. This includes custom paintwork, body modifications, and engine upgrades.
The turnaround time for a motorcycle restoration at Taverner Motorsports depends on the scope of the project and the extent of the work required. The team will provide a realistic timeline and keep you updated on progress throughout the restoration process.
Yes, you can choose your own parts and components for your motorcycle restoration at Taverner Motorsports. The team can also provide recommendations based on your preferences and budget.
Yes, Taverner Motorsports provides a warranty for their motorcycle restorations to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. The specifics of the warranty may vary depending on the project.
To get started with your motorcycle restoration project at Taverner Motorsports, simply contact the team via phone or email to schedule a consultation and inspection of your bike. The team will provide recommendations, pricing, and a timeline for the restoration project.