113% This bike was a stock 2014 Nightrod when it came to us. We began the build by sourcing a DGD 300 swingarm and wheel combo, a clean tail tidy and indicator combo which drastically changed the look of the rear end. Up front a matching 26”NRS style wheel and one off raked triple tree […]


B.G.E Starting life as a 2014 Night Rod the first thing we did was get this into the workshop, up on a stand and strip it down to the engine and bare frame. With a few modifications we had a DGD 300 swingarm kit fitted to the rear of the bike. We sourced a 23” […]

The Storm Trooper

The Storm Trooper What started as a stock 2013 Vrod muscle we turned into an absolute weapon. We completely tore this bike apart and rebuilt it using top quality products and our own custom turbo kit setup that we have been refining over the past few years. We started with custom bodywork from DGD custom […]

The El Chappo

The El Chappo This bike was our first new build when we reopened in our Bowen Hills premises and therefore holds a special place in our hearts. It was a slightly earlier (08’) model that is generally a little more unpopular so we knew we would have to do something a little more drastic to […]

24k Vrod

24k Vrod This 24k gold bike was something special for us here at Taverner Motorsports. We really wanted to push the trends and go all out with the black and 24k gold theme and build something next level, which considering our previous custom motorbikes, is a big statement. We started with a 2011 Nightrod running […]