Replace or Repair Motorcycle: What’s Best?

Replace or repair motorcycle

Something’s gone wrong with your motorcycle. Maybe an accident has left it badly damaged, maybe some components are completely worn out, or maybe you need to replace the engine. Either way, you’re probably facing the difficult question: should I repair or replace my motorcycle? Needless to say, there are lots of factors to take into […]

How to Bleed Your Brakes and Replace Your Brake Fluid

No doubt you’ve heard of “bleeding your brakes”, whether in regards to motorbikes or cars. But if you’ve never actually done it, you might wonder what this means and why it matters. Put simply, bleeding your brakes means releasing trapped air and old fluid from your braking system, and it’s typically done before you change […]

Our Guide to Motorcycle Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are the most essential part of your motorcycle’s ignition system. Yet, for many riders, there’s a sense of mystery to them. It’s easy to take spark plugs for granted until there’s a problem, but there are things every rider should know about these fundamental components of your bike. What are the bad spark […]

Best Practices For Group Motorcycle Riding

There’s a sense of camaraderie that comes from riding with a crew. While you all see the same roads, towns, fields, creeks and mountains, you see them through your own unique perspectives. Perspectives that you can discuss later over a coffee or a brew during a much-needed rest stop. Motorcycle group riding is a bonding […]

Tips For Designing Your Custom Build Motorcycle

A custom motorcycle offers something more exciting than a standard model from an assembly line. A custom motorcycle has been modified (or built from scratch) to suit its owner’s needs and desires. It’s a thing of beauty, and to build a custom motorcycle (whether you physically get your hands dirty or not) is deeply satisfying. […]

How to Replace Motorcycle Brake Pads


You don’t need to be a genius at motorcycle maintenance to know how necessary brake pads are. Every time you squeeze your right handlebar or press your right foot down, you can feel the difference they make. Motorcycle brakes are the most important part of your motorcycle, and brake pads play a large role in […]

How To Make Your Motorcycle Sound Like A Harley

Sound like a harley

Harley-Davidson is more than a motorcycle brand. It’s a global icon that’s referenced throughout popular culture, from movies and TV shows to t-shirt logos. For many people, especially non-riders, Harley-Davidson is the first brand that comes to mind when they think of motorcycles. And as cool as Harleys look and sound, they’re more than a […]

Troubleshooting Guide: Problem Sounds Your Motorcycle Could Make

Motorcycle problem sounds

Motorcycles are noisy by nature. Sometimes, the noise is a satisfying one, like the hearty bark of a healthy exhaust. Other times, your bike may make strange sounds that indicate something is out of place: a buzzing sound when you’re turning the key in the ignition of the motorcycle or the motorcycle making a knocking […]

How to Protect the Paint and Chrome on a Motorcycle

There are lots of things that can enhance the look of a motorcycle and make it more likely to catch your eye. Sometimes, it’s because the design is unique or the bike is a custom classic. But often, it’s the look of the paint job or the glint of the chrome under sunshine or streetlights. […]

How to Preserve A Vintage Motorcycle


There’s no doubt about it: vintage motorcycles look cool. But that’s not the only reason to buy, keep and maintain one. Compared to other types of vehicles like classic cars, vintage motorcycles are affordable, take up a lot less space and, most importantly, are wildly fun to ride. But leaving a vintage motorcycle exposed over […]