Australia has a gorgeous landscape if you’re planning to travel across the country on the road. From the beautiful countryside to quaint cafés to stop along the way.

The team here at Taverner Motorsports has countless kilometres under our belts when it comes to solo motorcycle touring. Here’s everything we’ve learned, which can be helpful whether it’s your first solo motorcycle adventure or you’ve been on dozens.

An adventure with your motorcycle isn’t too different from any other trip—preparation is key. It’s important to ensure that your ride is in top condition with a routine service, take safety precautions when you’re riding, and make sure you’re prepped in case anything happens.

Preparations For A Solo Motorcycle Adventure

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Going on a solo motorcycle adventure is exciting. While nothing beats taking a motorcycle trip with friends, riding solo is a great way to explore another side of riding.

You don’t need to coordinate making plans with multiple other people in a group and balancing what you want with keeping them happy. Instead, you can focus and indulge yourself, but it’s important to be mindful of the dangers that solo riding entails and be prepared. Below are steps we recommend taking to prepare yourself:

Health check 

Before getting your bike serviced, it’s essential to ensure that your physical health is in good condition for a solo ride and that you’re in the right mindset. We recommend booking an appointment with your doctor for a health evaluation.

Speak to your doctor about your plans for the solo motorcycle adventure. They can do a general health check-up and also check for any underlying conditions. The last thing you want is a medical emergency when you’re riding solo on your motorcycle.

Protective gear

Investing in high-quality protective gear can genuinely be a life-saver. The Australian Road Rules also require all motorbike riders to wear an approved motorbike helmet that meets Australian regulations. 

We recommend always buying motorbike helmets brand new. While second-hand might seem to be cost-effective, you never know the damage or wear-and-tear that the helmet might have gone through, compromising your safety.

Other protective gear we recommend investing in are gloves, boots, jackets, and riding pants. In a crash, it’s common for hands, arms, and legs to strike hazards or rub on the road. Wearing protective gear for your whole body will reduce the risk of serious injury. 

Bike Service

Before riding solo motorcycle adventures, it’s always important to get your bike serviced to ensure it’s in solid condition. Your motorcycle is the only companion you’ll have on your solo ride, so you don’t want it breaking down.

We recommend getting a professional service done and checking the tyres before the trip. On the day you set off, you should also check it yourself. Check the wheels and motor, and complete a pre-ride inspection.

There are plenty of useful pre-ride motorcycle safety checklists available online to ensure you cover all your bases. Feel free to reach out to the team here at Taverner Motorsports if you want any tips on what to look out for with an inspection.

Plan Your Journey

Planning out your journey beforehand is crucial, especially if you’re riding solo through places you’ve never been to before. Map out your exact route between destinations, learn alternative routes, and share your journey with a friend or family member as a precaution. 

It’s smart to share your location with someone back home in case of an emergency. If you’re used to travelling via GPS, we also recommend bringing a physical map because you never know if you’ll lose service while riding. 


Preparing for any maintenance is important when you’re riding solo. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen, but you don’t know if you’ll run into a flat tyre or fix a worn gasket. Along with bringing spare parts, we recommend factoring in bringing money for any maintenance that may be needed. 

Food and Water 

It’s essential to stay hydrated and well-fed when you’re riding on the road, let alone when you’re by yourself. Lack of water or food can lead to fatigue, which is one of the leading causes of crashes on the road. 

Along with planning where you’ll eat in advance, we also recommend packing food with you, and more than enough water to last your whole trip. 

Safety Tips To Remember While Solo Riding

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Solo motorcycle touring is a different beast from riding in a group. You lose the safety support since you’ll be alone, which is why it’s crucial to be more vigilant on the road. Here are our top safety tips to remember:

Check-in with friends or family

Building on the advice we covered in the preparation section—along with sharing your journey plans with a close friend or family member, schedule times to check in with them regularly. 

That way, if you miss a check-in because of an accident or your bike breaks down, it alerts someone back home. They can send for support or get in touch with authorities in your area to find you. 

Start early, finish early

Who doesn’t love a night ride? While it’s hard to resist the allure of riding a bike under the night sky, it’s safer to ride during the day. Drivers on the road have better visibility, and critters are less likely to be running out on the road. 

Bring Earplugs

Even when you’re not travelling solo, you should wear earplugs whenever you ride. Not only will it protect your hearing and ears, but it can also help prevent fatigue from being overly stimulated by noisy roads and the wind. 

Medical Information and Emergency Contact

If, for any reason, something happens while you’re riding and you can’t speak, having your emergency contact and medical information somewhere easily findable can help. For example, you could wear an emergency tag on your keys or put the information somewhere on your helmet. 

Common Routes In Australia For Solo Motorcycle Touring

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We are spoiled in Australia with endless routes for solo motorcycle touring. Every state is filled with scenic views and great roads. Here are the most common routes for solo motorcycle adventures, whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced rider. 

Day Trips

If you’re new to riding solo or only have the time to take a day or two for an adventure, these day trips below are perfect.

  • The Lions Road, Queensland: This route takes you on an incredible day trip lasting 96 km on the borders of Queensland and New South Wales. They call this region the ‘Scenic Rim’ for its gorgeous views.
  • Adelaide Hills, South Australia: This route starts in Golden Grove and ends in Tea Tree Gully, but it takes you through the Adelaide Hills region, which is packed with picturesque countryside and fantastic cafés.
  • Mount Glorious, Queensland: Mount Glorious is a short distance away from the Brisbane CBD and easily accessible. This route takes a day and takes you through Samford Valley into the mountain range’s rainforests.
  • Great Ocean Road, Victoria: This road doesn’t need an introduction; it’s possibly one of the most famous and popular routes in Australia. It stretches 120 km and can easily be done in a day. 

Bigger Adventures

The routes listed below are often sold by guided motorcycle tour companies, but it is possible to plan solo if you’re an experienced rider and planner. 

  • Melbourne to Cairns: If you’re ready for a big adventure, a solo ride from Melbourne to Cairns is a popular motorcycle route. There are multiple routes to take, with the fastest route being inland. It is easy to make it a month-long trip by riding past Mt Koziscoko and along the East Coast, taking in all the sights along the way. Depending on the route you take, this trip typically takes anywhere from around 2800-6500 km. 
  • Sydney to Perth: Nothing is bigger than riding across the entirety of Australia from one side to the other—Sydney to Perth. It’s a trip that’s at least 3900 km, and when taking your time, it can be done comfortably in 12 days, but you may want to take a little longer to take in all the sights the route has to offer. 

Get Your Motorcycle Prepped For A Solo Adventure With Taverner

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Before any solo adventure on your motorcycle, it’s important to get your motorcycle prepped. The team at Taverner Motorsports has the equipment and expertise to service any motorcycle and make sure it’s ready for any journey—whether it’s a day trip or a huge adventure. 

Our workshop can handle routine servicing, tyre checks and supplies, as well as repair work. We also stock over 11,000 parts in our warehouse for all makes and models, so if you need to replace a part before your trip or want spares, we’ve got you covered.

Reach out to the Taverner Motorsports team today about your solo riding adventure and get a quote for our services.