As every motorcycle owner knows—every detail matters, and that includes the lighting. Not only is lighting essential for your safety on the road, increasing your visibility to other vehicles and lighting up the road ahead, but it’s important for aesthetics, too.

When it comes to motorcycle lights, there are plenty of options if you’re looking to upgrade. Whether it be for your motorcycle tail lights or your front lights, our guide will help you choose the perfect lighting.

When Should Motorcycle Lights Be Repaired, Replaced or Upgraded?

Motorcycle lighting

There are key signs to look out for when your motorcycle lights need to be repaired or replaced. These include:

  • Your front light motorcycle bulb seems to be dimmer. If they’re getting dimmer, it’s time for the light bulb to be changed, or to upgrade your lighting.
  • Whilst dimming occurs for most motorcycles with lighting, if you’re running LED bulbs, they’ll eventually burn out. Burnt-out headlights are easy to spot and just as easy to replace.
  • Another sign that your headlight needs replacing is if the light keeps flickering. It could be a sign of loose or worn-out wires that need to be replaced or repaired. 
  • If you notice any cracks, bumps, or defects in the casing around your headlight bulb, it’s important to repair or replace it.
  • If you notice fluid around your headlight, it means water is getting in somehow. It’s essential to repair or upgrade it as soon as possible.

When your lighting needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s always a good opportunity to upgrade it. For example, if you’ve got a broken halogen headlight, it’s a great chance to upgrade and move to LED bulbs.

Motorcycle Lighting Upgrade Options

Motorcycle lighting

If you’re interested in upgrading your motorcycle’s lighting, there are plenty of different options available. Whether you’re interested in upgrading to LED lights, adding in auxiliary lighting, and smoked lenses, we’ve got you covered.

LED Lights

Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are quickly becoming the popular lighting choice for modern motorcycles and cars. LEDs are easily identifiable and consume less electricity compared to other bulb types. 

If you’re an eco-conscious rider, LEDs are also much better for the environment compared to other bulbs, especially halogen. LEDs also come in a wide range of different designs, and manufacturers are even able to create modular units for them, allowing for plenty of customisation. 

Auxiliary Lighting

If your motorcycle has the space to mount them and the additional power needed to run them, auxiliary lighting is perfect for safety and functionality. It’ll help improve visibility at night and in weather like rain, making it easier for you to see the road and also improve your bike’s visibility to other vehicles.

Auxiliary lighting is also compliant with ADR 19, with the rules allowing for up to 4 additional front lights. If you want to enhance your ride and also improve safety, auxiliary lighting is a must.

Smoked Lenses

If you’re looking to enhance your motorcycle’s style, there are aesthetic lighting upgrades available, too. For example, you can change your lights with a custom, smoke-tinted lens. They’re sure to turn heads as they add a darker, sleeker look to your motorcycle’s lighting.

Legalities Surround Light Upgrades

When upgrading your motorcycle’s lighting, it’s important to remember there are rules and regulations on what you can do. The specifics might change depending on the state you’re in and when your motorcycle was manufactured, but below are all the compliance rules that have to be followed.

If you want to upgrade your motorcycle’s lighting but you’re concerned about the legalities, get in touch with the team here at Taverner Motorsports. Our team are experts in lighting and can tailor a lighting solution that suits your needs and complies with all the motorcycle design rules.


  • All motorcycles must have at least 1 headlight and can have up to 4 additional headlights.
  • It’s permitted for a motorcycle to have a headlight modulation system, which is designed to vary the brightness of the headlight at a rate of 200 to 280 flashes a minute when used in daylight conditions.
  • Any headlights fitted to a motorcycle manufactured after October 1, 1991, must be ADR 19 compliant.

If you’re planning to retrofit HID or LED headlight bulbs to your motorcycle, it’s important to remember to upgrade the entire headlight assembly (bulbs, lens, and housing). If the entire assembly is upgraded, it will comply with the relevant ADRs. 

If only the LED or HID bulb is retrofitted, it could be marked as non-compliant with ADRs as the design of the headlamp reflectors is typically designed only to suit specific bulbs (the light won’t be focused correctly).

Motorcycle lighting


  • A motorcycle must have at least 1 taillight fitted on or towards the rear.
  • If the motorcycle has only 1 taillight fitted on the vehicle, it must be fitted in the centre or to the right centre of the vehicle’s rear.
  • The taillight must be red and be visible for 200m to the rear of the motorcycle.
  • All motorcycles manufactured after the 1st of October 1991 must be ADR 19 compliant with the taillight rules.

ADR 19:

According to the ADR 19 regulations, the centre of the taillight must be at least 250 mm above ground level and not exceed 150 mm above ground level. 


Indicators are a crucial part of the lighting system and are required on all motorcycles manufactured after June 30, 1975. Motorcycles manufactured after June 30 and before October 1, 1991, are not required to be ADR 19 compliant.

Any motorcycles manufactured from the 1st of October 1991 and onwards must be ADR 19 compliant. The requirements for motorcycle indicators to be ADR-compliant include:

  • For front indicators, they need to be at least 300 mm apart and at least 100 mm from the headlight.
  • For rear indicators, they need to be at least 240 mm apart.
  • Indicators must be 350 to 1200 mm above ground level.
  • They also need to be amber-coloured, with lights flashing at a frequency of 60 to 120 flashes per minute.
  • The indicators also need to have compliance markings (e-mark).
  • Have either a green operating tell-tale light, auditory tell-tale, or both.

Brake lights

A brake light must be fitted to any motorcycles built after 1934. Motorcycles manufactured after the 1st of October 1990 must be ADR 19 compliant. All brake lights, when on, must show a red light visible from 30 m from the rear of the vehicle.

In accordance with ADR 19 compliance, the centre of the brake must be at least 250 mm above ground level and not exceed 1500 mm above ground level. The brake light must also be visible from within an arc extending 450 to each side and above. 

Upgrade Your Motorcycle Lighting with Taverner

Motorcycle lighting

If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting, get in touch with the Taverner Motorsports team today. We have a diverse selection of headlights, taillights and indicator options available. This includes LED lights, smoked lenses, and custom bezels—transforming and enhancing your ride.

Our expert team works closely with you to understand your preferences and offer tailored lighting solutions. We are also equipped to work on custom bike builds, making sure your design, including the lighting, is compliant with ADR regulations and 100% legal.

Upgrade your motorcycle and enhance your ride experience with new lights today. Contact us today and request a quote. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and we work with all makes and models.