The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Brakes

Changing motorcycle brake pads

Brakes are a motorcycle’s most important safety feature. But apart from applying them when necessary, how much thought do you give to your brakes? Despite saving lives on a daily basis, brakes are commonly overlooked in basic motorcycle maintenance. Changing the motorcycle brake pads regularly is one of the most important measures you can take, […]

101 Guide: Tuning Your Motorcycle Suspension

Tuning motorcycle suspension

Your motorcycle’s suspension system keeps your wheels on the ground, keeps you stable while you do things like steer and stop, and protects your spine from shocks. Motorcycle suspensions use a spring and damper combination to protect you from forces like cornering, acceleration and deceleration, as well as all the potholes, bumps and other surprises […]

Ways to Diagnose Why a Motorcycle Won’t Start

Motorcycle engine starting problems

Having a motorbike that won’t start can be just as baffling as it is frustrating. You’ve got places to be, things to do… and a bike that just won’t go.  Maybe the motorcycle kickstart is not working, maybe the engine cranks but won’t fire up, or maybe there are no lights on your dash. You […]

How To Know When Your Motorcycle Engine Needs A Rebuild

Motorbike engine rebuild

It’s never a good sign when your motorcycle engine stops working normally. Maybe it’s overly noisy, maybe it’s blowing smoke, maybe its performance is suddenly weaker, or maybe you can’t turn it on at all. You know it’s going to need work, but you don’t yet know how much and what it will cost you. […]

How to Restore an Old Motorcycle After Long-Term Storage

Restore an old motorcycle

Riding your motorbike regularly keeps it in good shape, as long as you don’t neglect maintenance. Letting your bike sit for too long, on the other hand, causes it to degrade: tyres decline, seals dry up, fluids leak, and moisture can turn your gleaming gas tank and body panel into rust-ridden shadows of their former […]

Troubleshoot Guide: Motorcycle Electrical Problems

Troubleshoot motorcycle electrical problems

It always happens at the worst possible time. You’re cruising down the street when your bike stalls or sputters out. Or maybe you go to put the key in the ignition and find it won’t even start. The problem could be with any number of things: the fuel, the engine, the ignition system. Or it […]

What Should You Do To Extend Your Motorcycle’s Lifespan?

Motorcycle better lifespan

Like whiskey and wine, blue jeans and leather, motorcycles that are properly cared for get better with age. While new developments in motorcycle technology are exciting, there’s an undeniable allure to vintage bikes. What’s the difference between a custom classic with a nostalgic look and feel and a rusted-out shell of a former motorbike leaning […]

Motorcycle Exhaust Baffles and Silencers: Making Your Motorcycle Quieter

Motorcycle exhaust baffle

Motorcycles are louder than other vehicles on the road, and for many riders, that’s part of the appeal. Yet the hearty growl of motorcycles isn’t just for show. Smaller mufflers, shorter exhaust pipes and exposed engine pistons are among the major reasons you can hear a motorbike coming from so far away. Then, of course, […]

Why Is My Motorcycle Losing Power While Accelerating?

When do you most intensely experience the incredible power of your motorcycle? Chances are, it’s when you twist the throttle. The feeling of exhilaration you get as your bike speeds up goes hand in hand with the thrill of adventure on the open road.  So when your motorcycle starts losing power while accelerating, it often […]

Why Is My Motorcycle Exhaust Smoking?

Motorcycle exhaust smoking

When smoke starts to pour out of your motorcycle’s exhaust, it can alarm you, worry you or embarrass you. In short, it can ruin your day. It’s a clear indication that something’s wrong and a problem you need to address immediately. But what’s causing the issue? You’ve never missed a service, regularly check your oil […]