How long has it been since you last had your motorcycle serviced?

If you’ve noticed your bike is braking a little slower, making some strange noises, or just lagging a little in performance, the answer may be too long.

Every motorbike needs regular servicing regardless of make, model, age or number of kilometres covered. As the owner of the motorcycle, it’s your duty to make sure it poses no danger to you or other road users. Riding a non-roadworthy motorcycle in Australia can lead to a hefty fine.

Regular servicing prevents problems before they occur and makes your motorbike safer, more reliable and more fun to ride. Yet, just how regular should a regular service be, and where should you go if you want the best for your bike?

There are two main types of servicing: a motorcycle major service and a minor service. While there’s a general (not hard or fast) rule that you should book your motorbike in for a service every six months, a minor service will help keep it in good shape between more detailed ones. Regular servicing doesn’t just make your bike run better; as you’re about to find out, it’s a matter of potentially life-saving importance.

Based on the inner north side of Brisbane in the suburb of Bowen Hills, Taverner provides both minor and major motorcycle servicing in Brisbane.  No matter what kind of motorbike you have, from a classic custom to a slick small-displacement bike, we can draw on our 40+ years of experience to make it safer and better for you to ride. Although we specialise in British, Japanese and American motorcycles, services are available for bikes from any country and any era.

Take a trip to Taverner’s Brisbane workshop for a minor or major motorcycle service that keeps your beloved bike running at its very best.

Minor Motorcycle Service Details

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Taverner’s minor motorcycle service is designed to cover the basics between standard services for the more affordable price of $220 (conditions apply).

It covers:

Replacing the engine oil

Ageing oil is prone to heat and scaling (forming solid deposits) and needs to be replaced to preserve the proper functioning of your engine, clutch and gearbox. If you hear harsh noises from the engine or feel hot air on your feet while you ride, those are sure signs it’s time for an oil change.

Replacing the oil filter

Oil filters protect your engine from corrosion and combustion by collecting debris and sludge. Not changing a clogged or dirty filter can lead to a higher engine operating temperature and a shortened engine lifespan.

Replacing the spark plugs

Rusty or corroded spark plugs, a misfiring engine and a backfiring exhaust are all common signs that it’s time to replace the spark plugs on your motorcycle. Keeping your spark plugs new and healthy goes a long way towards continued good mileage for your bike.

Test ride and condition report

Taking the very best care of your motorbike, Taverner will take it for a test ride and present you with a report of any issues to keep an eye on.

Major Motorcycle Service Details

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With our major motorcycle servicing in Brisbane, we make sure your motorbike is in prime condition for $499 (conditions apply). While there may be additional costs incurred for certain models, we’re happy for you to bring any make and model, including Japanese and American, in for a motorcycle service.

A major motorcycle service with Taverner includes:

Replacing the engine, primary and gearbox oil

There are a few different oils you need to address when booking a motorcycle major service: the engine, the transmission and the primary drive types. Taverner will drain them and replace them with fresh oil so that you can enjoy a better, smoother ride.

Replacing the oil filter

An air filter stops dust and dirt from clogging your cylinders and pistons, but a dirty one slows down your engine. Taverner will help you get more out of your engine and at the petrol pump with a new oil filter.

Changing the spark plugs

Worn-out spark plugs make for a sluggish engine, which is why Taverner’s motorcycle services, both major and minor, include replacing them.  

Adjusting the primary chain

There’s an art to how much tension the primary chain should carry. A tight chain can damage the engine, and a loose one can cause jumpiness when switching gears. When Taverner carries out a motorcycle major service, we find the sweet spot for you.

Adjusting the rear belt/chain

Chains do a ton of work, are exposed to dirt, rain and grime and are extremely dangerous if they have too much slack.  Don’t risk a big bump making your next ride your last.

Adjusting the clutch

A poorly adjusted clutch can cause a range of problems, including engine stalling, gear shifting, and wear and tear at a faster rate. It’s especially bad for tight turns or slippery ground, so it’s important to get this part of the bike under control.  

Adjusting the throttle cables

Damaged or worn-out throttle cables can compromise your engine’s performance and make your ride less safe.

Flushing the front and rear brake fluids

Over time, the fluids in both your front and rear motorcycle brakes degrade, causing a loss of brake pressure and, in a worst-case scenario, even brake failure. This is why Taverner will flush and replace your brake fluids on both ends during our full service.

Lubing all of the pivots and cleaning the air filter

Your motorcycle has various pivot points: shifters, keyholes, kickstands, and anything that moves. Taverner knows where these points are and how much lube they require.

Test riding and providing a condition report

We’ll treat your bike with the same care and dedication we have for our own, whether it’s a British, Japanese or American motorcycle service you’re after.

When Should You Get Your Motorcycle Serviced?

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When it comes to how often you should book your bike for motorcycle servicing in Brisbane, there’s no hard and fast answer. It depends on your bike, its age and how often you ride. If you ride every day, you’ll need to service it more than if you only take it out on weekends. When in doubt, check your bike’s instruction manual.

If you don’t have a copy of that manual, a good guideline is to aim for a full service every six months. Talk to the Taverner team if you are unsure. We’ll be able to assess how often you should service your bike and whether you need to book some minor services between major ones.

Of course, if you’ve noticed decreased performance, chain slippage, grinding noises, etc., it’s probably past time.

Benefits of Frequently Getting Your Motorcycle Serviced

Why should you regularly get a major motorcycle service? Apart from protecting your safety, some of the biggest benefits include:

Good maintenance

Regular motorcycle servicing gives your motorcycle mechanic a chance to spot potential problems before they get worse.


Taking care of your motorbike helps preserve its lifespan so you can enjoy it for many more years.

Better resale value

If you ever decide to sell, a bike that’s been well looked after will fetch a higher price.


A motorbike that’s been diligently serviced and serviced well is a lot less likely to break down on the road.

Better performance

You can feel the difference after a good service, and that sense of satisfaction is reason enough to book a major motorcycle service in Brisbane.

Expert Motorcycle Servicing at Taverner Motorsports

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For motorcycle servicing in Brisbane and other workshop services, including custom workshop builds, contact the Taverner team.

Since 1975, we’ve been perfecting our skills in the industry we’re passionate about and building strong relationships with parts suppliers both in Australia and overseas. We have the skills, equipment, experience and knowledge to carry out a British, Japanese or American motorcycle servicing, modification, repair job or custom build.  

If you’re eager to feel the power of your bike running at its fullest potential, request a quote from Taverner.