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We’re pretty excited about the new Honda Hornet. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a bike like this from Honda, and it looks like it could be a real game-changer in the middleweight category.

As one of the leading motorcycle specialists in Brisbane, here’s everything we know so far about the new Honda Hornet.

It’s Based on the Honda CBR650F

The new Honda Hornet is based on the CBR650F, which is a great platform to start with.

The CBR650F is a great all-rounder capable of long-distance touring and sporty riding.

It’s also a very reliable bike, which is always a consideration for enthusiasts and casual riders alike.

The main differences between the new Honda Hornet and the Honda CBR760F are the styling and the engine.

An Updated Frame

The new Honda Hornet has an entirely new frame. This frame is made from steel, and it’s been designed to be lighter and more rigid than the CBR650F.

The overall result is a bike that should not only be more responsive, but the all-new frame on the motorcycle being both lighter and a little stiffer should also mean better handling and a more agile ride.

What we like most about this updated frame is that it gives it proper race-spec frame appeal.

New Honda Hornet Suspension

The Honda Hornet has a new suspension setup. The front forks are now 41mm Showa units and adjustable for preload, rebound, and compression damping.

The rear shock is also adjustable for preload and rebound damping. This new suspension will give the bike a more plush ride and also be able to handle bumps and irregularities in the road better.

Extra Fuel Capacity

The new Honda Hornet also has a larger fuel tank. It now holds 17.5 litres of fuel, an increase of two litres over the previous model.

The increase in fuel capacity will allow the rider to enjoy the open ride a little longer without stopping for gas.

The Honda Hornet has always been a great all-around bike which is also great for beginners, with the new model being no different.

Its new suspension and larger fuel tank can take on anything the road throws at it.

new Honda Hornet

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New Honda Hornet Brakes

One of the most important changes to the new Honda Hornet is its brakes. The front brake has been upgraded to a dual disc setup, while the rear brake remains a single disc.

This change should give the rider more stopping power and shorter braking distances.

The new Honda Hornet will also come with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) as standard. This great safety feature will help prevent the wheels from locking up under heavy braking.

New Honda Hornet Price

The new Honda Hornet is priced up a little and is slightly increased over the previous model, but it remains one of the most affordable bikes in its segment.

For Australian new Honda Hornet customers, you would be expected to pay between $6,390 and $6,790 plus on-road costs.

Honda Hornet Style

The new Honda Hornet is a great-looking bike. It’s got a sharp and aggressive design that is sure to turn heads. It’s available in three colours, black, red and blue.

All three colours look great, and it will be hard to choose just one! However, we have to say we’re partial to the red.

There’s just something about a motorcycle that’s been painted red that looks extra tough and stylish.

This updated livery also features a new black and red Honda logo.

Weighing in at 166kg, it’s 8kg lighter than the old bike. This makes the new Honda Hornet one of the lightest bikes in its class.

Larger Engine

One of the most well-received changes on the new Honda Hornet is adding a larger, more powerful engine.

The older model had a 600cc engine, but the new one has been bumped to an 800cc power plant.

This increase in displacement increases power, with the new Honda Hornet claiming 94 horsepower. That’s a significant jump from the old bike’s 68 horsepower output.

This produces an impressive 16.1 bhp and 16 Nm of torque, allowing the bike to accelerate from 0-60 km/h in just 4.5 seconds.

Other changes include a stiffer chassis and revised front forks.

The result is a motorcycle that should be more agile and better able to handle the power from its upgraded engine.

new Honda Hornet

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Mileage and Efficiency

The new Honda Hornet has 47 km/L fuel efficiency. This is a slight improvement over the previous model’s 46 km/l figure.

Its Nearest Rivals

The main rivals of the new Honda Hornet are the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V and the Bajaj Pulsar 180F.

These bikes are priced slightly higher than the Hornet but offer similar performance and features.

Its other closest rivals include the Yamaha FZ-16, Suzuki Gixxer and the Hero Xtreme 160R.

New Honda Hornet Wheelset

The Hornet comes with 17-inch wheels at the front and rear. These are shod in 120/70 and 160/60 tyres respectively.

These new wheels will improve the handling of the bike and make the bike more stable at high speeds.

Electronic Rider Aids

The new Honda Hornet comes with various nifty electronics. These include traction control, wheelie control, launch control, and Honda Selectable Torque Control.

All of these rider aids will help the rider to go faster and have an extra level of safety.

A New Seat

The seat on the Hornet is said to be more comfortable than the one on the CBR650F.

Its new seat should make it a bit more versatile, as you’ll be able to ride for longer without getting too uncomfortable.

It also neatly adds to the sporty look of the bike.

Improved Exhaust System

The Hornet comes with a new exhaust system that’s said to be lighter and more compact than the one on the CBR650F.

This should improve performance and make the bike sound better, too. The motorcycle roar is what we live for, right?

New Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster on the Hornet is similar to the one on the CBR650F. But it’s been moved to the top of the fuel tank.

This gives the bike a more streamlined look and makes it easier to see your instruments while riding.

Our Verdict

The new Honda Hornet is a good option for those looking for a budget-friendly motorcycle, and it’s sure to be popular among buyers in its segment.

The new seat should make it more comfortable to ride for more extended periods. The improved exhaust system is also a nice touch and should improve performance and sound.

No doubt, its increased engine power will be a pull for many riders. Overall, the new Hornet is a great bike that appeals to many motorcyclists.

It’s a slight upgrade over the previous model means it remains one of the best bikes in its class. It offers good performance and fuel efficiency and is priced competitively.

The Hornet is well worth considering if you’re looking for a good all-around bike.

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