Your suspension keeps the rubber on the road and keeps you safe and comfortable. When it’s right, you notice the difference, even if you don’t know quite how it works or all of the parts that go into it. A brand-new bike will come with a functional suspension that gets the job done, but you may wonder if you should buy an upgraded suspension product if you want to push your bike to a higher level of performance.

There are some great reasons to do so. But first, what is the suspension? Put simply, your bike’s suspension system keeps your wheels on the road when you start, accelerate and brake, as well as go over bumps. There’s more detailed information below, but the main point is that suspension is very important.

It also has a whole vocabulary of words associated with it: spring rate, sag, and damping. Those who are savvy about suspension can use some very specific terms. But you don’t have to be an expert on mechanical details to benefit from upgrading your suspension. Taverner has both the right motorcycle parts and the skills to customise your bike any way you like it.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast asking, “where can I buy motorcycle parts for my suspension in Brisbane?” Taverner has an entire store stocked with all the right goods: shock absorbers, forks, seals, springs and other quality items from leading brands.

You don’t have to settle for mediocre suspension or second-rate suspension parts. This article details exactly what suspension is, why it’s important, and how Taverner can help you stay steady even on the roughest roads.

What is Motorcycle Suspension?

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Your motorbike’s suspension is an assortment of various parts that manage the weight of its chassis. It keeps you firmly on your seat no matter how rocky the terrain is and helps you stay in control while you go over bumps, accelerate, brake or corner. Without suspension, you’d be in for a wildly uncomfortable ride at best and be in a life-threatening accident at worst.

Your suspension protects you and your bike from the hazards of the road by protecting the chassis with a combination of dampers and springs. The frame of the bike holds the suspension in place. The suspension is made up of two parts – front and rear suspension – and works like this: For the rear suspension, a swingarm holds the back wheel’s axle while attaching to a swingarm pivot bolt on the other end. From this pivot bolt, a shock absorber reaches upwards and attaches to the frame just below the seat. The front wheel and axle are connected to a fork with shock absorbers and springs.

The shock absorbers (also called dampers) work hand in hand with the springs. The springs take the bumps from the road, and dampers slow the compression rate as their coils are pushed together. This is called compression damping, and when the spring shifts back into its natural shape, it’s known as rebound damping.

In discussions about compression, you’ll probably hear the word “sag” come up. This is because motorcycle compression springs are never completely stationary, even when the bike is stopped. The bike’s weight causes a little compression, as do luggage, riders, etc. “Sag” refers to how much compression the stationary bike causes, and there’s definitely an art to finding the sweet spot. Too little sag can make the ride too stiff, but too much can cause bottoming out.

Why is it important?

Your suspension is a crucial part of your motorbike. It provides stability and ensures that you won’t get into a nasty accident just because of a little debris on the road. Without suspension, the force of a particularly big bump on the road is enough to potentially throw you off the motorbike. Other benefits of your bike’s suspension include:

  • It keeps the ride comfortable, which is why upgrading the bike’s suspension can increase your comfort levels.
  • It’s responsible for some important elements of your bike’s performance, like how it turns and takes corners.
  • It makes for a smoother and safer ride. With so many other hazards on the road, it’s reassuring to know you don’t have to be wary of every stone you may ride across.

So is it worth an upgrade? Should you buy motorcycle suspension aftermarket parts to make your ride feel even more secure? And another question you may ask: “where can I buy motorcycle parts fit for my particular brand of bike?”

The Benefits of Buying New Motorcycle Suspension

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If your ride’s a little bumpy or you could use some better traction or control, the time could be right to go out and upgrade your motorcycle suspension. Certain signs – like lack of damping, brakes taking a long time to stop or thudding and rattling noises – can indicate a problem with your suspension that you need to do something about. Maybe you just have the feeling that your bike’s suspension would perform better with some new motorcycle parts – and you could be right!

Some of the biggest benefits you can experience when you buy motorcycle suspension parts include:

  • A more comfortable ride, which is always a bonus no matter how much or how little you use your bike.
  • A safer ride. Suspension plays a large part in how quickly you can brake. And on a difficult road, improved suspension can sometimes make all the difference in avoiding an accident.
  • Aftermarket parts are more adjustable. While the suspension that comes with your bike tends to be fairly standard, upgrading allows you to customise elements like the compression more to your liking.

Where to Buy Motorcycle Suspension in Brisbane and Online

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If you’re wondering ‘where can I buy motorcycle parts (including suspension parts) for a custom motorbike?” the answer is right here at Taverner Motorsports. Buy motorcycle parts for suspension from top brands like Progressive Suspension and Legend, including shock absorbers, rear shocks, springs, seals and pretty much anything else you need.

You can shop for motorcycle parts online through our site or come by and visit us on the north side of Brisbane: 159 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills.

A family-owned business, we’ve been working on motorbikes long before we set up shop in Brisbane. To be precise, we’ve been at this for 40+ years. So although we specialise in British, Japanese and American motorbikes, there’s really not much we haven’t done in our time.

Our decades of experience have provided us with ample opportunity to build relationships both with parts suppliers and with our loyal customers. Need a particular motorcycle part? We’ll be able to source it either from our network of local parts suppliers or our overseas ones.

We love to help our customers complete jobs, both big and small, that they can’t do on their own, from modifications to a complete custom build. Custom packages we offer include fabricating motorcycle components, making modification kits and creating personalised exhaust systems, seats and other bike parts.

If you’d like to know more about any of the parts listed on our website, just request a quote, and a friendly member of the Taverner team will be in touch.