Like all batteries, your motorcycle’s battery makes it go. But while its main purpose is to start your bike, it also creates power for lighting instruments and for ignition and fuel injection. There was a time when bikes didn’t need batteries, instead relying on condenser ignition systems, but now no modern motorbike can be without one. Batteries have been steadily growing more advanced to provide power to systems and accessories.

As essential as batteries are, it’s easy to forget about your motorbike’s battery, and sometimes hard to spot the signs that it’s on its way out. Battery life is typically between two and five years, but your battery will die within 3-4 months if you let your bike sit idle. Riding the bike charges the battery, while proper motorbike battery maintenance keeps it lasting longer. Sometimes things still go wrong, though, and all the care in the world doesn’t protect you from battery faults or old age. When the time comes to buy a motorcycle battery, there will be signs.

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How to Know if You Need a New Battery

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Some common signs that your battery is on its way out include:

Your motorbike won’t start

It may sound obvious, but if you can’t even get your bike started to go anywhere, it’s likely a dead battery is the problem.

Your bike is taking longer to start

Is your bike taking longer than usual to get going? Do you have to turn the key in the ignition a few times before it comes to life? It’s likely the battery is damaged and may not last much longer.

Your headlights are dimming

If your battery is fading, the elements it provides power to will follow. If your battery powers your headlights and your headlights are looking a little dim, that’s a sign of a fading battery. The same applies if your battery powers your horn and your horn is starting to sound a bit faint.

Your battery is leaking

Oxidation is the cause of a leaking motorbike battery. Gases build up within the battery, causing it to bulge and crack, and acid seeps out of the cracks or terminals. In this condition, your battery is unsafe to ride around with and should be replaced.

Your battery is discoloured

When acid leaks out, it tends to discolour your battery. A battery becoming discoloured may not seem like a major problem, but you should take it as a sign that something is wrong – and that your battery is on its way out.

Your battery is misshapen

Any changes to the battery’s shape – whether its cracks, bumps or bulges – should be considered. If a battery is out of shape, it’s usually something to do with the lead-acid construction, and any attempt to continue using it could be dangerous.

Your battery terminals are corroded

Have a look at the state of your battery terminals. If they’re broken or corroded, your battery is on borrowed time.

Your battery is very old

No matter how well you take care of your battery, it’s going to need replacing eventually. The older it is, the sooner that day is likely to come.

Of course, you may already know you need a new battery. If that’s the case, the main question is where to buy a motorcycle battery. Should you go hunting for motorcycle batteries online, or are you better off visiting a store in person?

Different Types of Motorcycle Batteries

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Common types of motorcycle batteries include:

Wet cell/lead acid

These batteries contain liquid acid full of electrolytes and give off hydrogen gas when they charge or discharge. They need regular checking and topping up with distilled water, as the water part of their mixture evaporates with time, especially in hot or humid weather. These batteries are sometimes called “conventional batteries” because they’re the most common ones you’ll find on a motorcycle.

Absorbed glass mat/AGM

These batteries also use lead acid, but the solution is secured between fibre-glass sheets. Equipped with a release valve that allows some gases to escape when necessary, they have the advantage of not needing to be topped up.


These batteries are lightweight, meaning they can reduce the weight of your motorbike. They require maintenance, though, and can’t be revived once they’re out of charge.


Like the name suggests gel batteries use gel (acid mixed with silica) instead of liquid. This has some benefits, of course. There’s no requirement to keep the battery upright, and there’s no chance of spilling or corrosion.

If you need to buy a motorcycle battery, Taverner is guaranteed to have something in stock, no matter what battery your bike takes. Buy a motorbike battery online or in person from us.

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Battery

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You don’t have to be a motorcycle mechanic to take care of your battery. Just a few simple measures will ensure you don’t have to go out and buy a motorbike battery so soon. These include:

Make sure the battery and the cables connect

Check the battery terminal, and make sure the cables are on tight. Otherwise, the battery won’t charge properly.

Clean the residue from the terminals

When the battery isn’t charged enough, it results in sulfation: white or blue powdered residue around the terminals. To remove it, you can detach the cables and scrub with a wire brush and some baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. It’s a handy idea to use terminal protection spray to be safe.

If you stop riding for a while, use a battery tender

A motorcycle battery loses its charge if you stop riding for an extended period. If you plan to stash your bike away for a few days or more, hook it up to a tender.

Use distilled water

If the battery on your bike needs topping up, use distilled water rather than tap water. It contains fewer minerals that may react with the battery.

Get your motorbike regularly serviced

Getting a regular motorbike service roughly every six months will keep your bike in its best possible shape in every way.

Where to Buy Motorcycle Batteries Online

Need to buy a motorcycle battery? You’ve come to the right place. You can buy motorcycle batteries online right here on the Taverner website.

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