It may not look it, but even a worn-out, rust-infested, decades-old motorbike can be given a new life rather than thrown on the scrap heap. Welcome to the world of motorcycle restoration, where there’s more than meets the eye, and possibilities are endless.

Vintage bike restoration can take an old bike and make it new again without changing its classic and timeless look or the patina that provides it with so much of its character. If the image of an actor like Steve McQueen going down a dusty road on a motorbike stirs up a feeling of nostalgia in you, it’s possible that vintage bike restoration is the option to choose.

While you can restore your motorbike in your home or workshop with the right tools or knowledge, Taverner specialises in doing the tough jobs for our customers while ensuring they get the desired results. Whether you’re looking for a motorbike full service or a complete custom build, there’s no job too large or small for us – and not much that we can’t fabricate.

From a place to carry out your dream bike restoration, or just a motorbike repair shop in Brisbane, Taverner can fulfil just about any purpose when it comes to preserving your bike into the future.

What is Vintage Bike Restoration?

Vintage bike restoration
While the phrases “vintage” and “classic” are often used to mean the same thing, some motorcycle experts define a “vintage” bike as one that’s over 30 years old. Some even say it has to have been manufactured before 1975. As Taverner can restore bikes from across all eras and manufacturers, the decade it was made doesn’t matter too much. A “vintage” bike may just be an older model of bike that’s no longer available to buy new.

In a general sense, to “restore” something means to return it to its former state. So it’s not too hard to figure out how that applies to vintage bike restoration.

To restore a vintage bike is to take it apart and rebuild it to the condition it was in when it was new. This isn’t the same as a simple bike rebuild or refurbishment, although the terms often get mixed up. It’s a lot more time-consuming due to the need to track down original parts. When you restore a motorbike, you make it look like it did when it was brand new. Usually, that takes a lot of time and work.

What it includes

There’s a lot that potentially goes into restoring an old bike. The older the bike and the better you want it to look and perform, the more work needs to be done. It takes professionals to accurately restore a very old bike to its former glory in a relatively quick span of time. The process will vary somewhat depending on the bike, but steps can include rebuilding the carburettor and ignition system, flushing out the old oil, checking the brake shoes and cleaning the brake drum, and checking and fixing everything from the suspension to the electrical system to the brake system, as well as making cosmetic improvements.


Vintage bike restoration
Benefits of vintage bike restoration include:

It raises the value of the bike

Whether you plan to sell or not, restoration can turn an old, rusted-out bike into an asset worth thousands of dollars. One example is Monto man Peter Williams, who rebuilt his 1962 BSA Bantam D1 to be worth $15,000.

It gives an old bike a new life

When a vintage bike can be restored to its former glory, it would be a shame for it to end up at the tip because no one looked past the rust to see its full potential. Instead of squandering a classic bike on the scrap heap forever, restoration brings it back to life so it can bring you (or another rider) many more years of happiness.

It looks timeless

Old motorbikes never go out of style. You can own a motorcycle that looks like a bike from a classic Hollywood movie or the pages of an old motorcycle magazine. Instead of a new bike trying to look “retro”, you’ll get the genuine article: a vintage bike that gets the right kind of attention and is hard to replicate.

Easy to maintain

Older bikes tend to be simple to take care of. Newer models are more likely to come with additional features like ABS sensors that may need to be repaired or replaced. Classic bikes tend to come with straightforward, tough and enduring parts.

When Might Your Vintage Bike Need to be Restored?

Vintage bike restoration
So you’ve scored a vintage model that needs fixing up? Or maybe you already have an old bike, but it’s looking a little worse for wear? How do you know when it’s time to restore a classic motorcycle?

There’s no hard and fast answer to that question, but there’s never a bad time to dedicate extra care to your bike. Restoration can be as simple as touching up the paintwork or as large as a complete overhaul. Even if your bike is in a pretty bad state, there’s a high chance it can still be salvaged. There’s never a bad time for a vintage bike restoration.

What is Included in a Motorbike Full Service?

Vintage bike restoration
Taverner provides several workshop services besides restoration. One of them is a motorbike full service. This type of service is recommended every six to twelve months, or every 5,000 kilometres, and includes:

  • Replacing the engine, primary and gearbox oil
  • Replacing the air filter
  • Changing the spark plugs
  • Adjusting the primary chain
  • Adjusting the rear belt/chain
  • Adjusting the clutch
  • Adjusting the throttle cables
  • Flushing the front and rear brake fluid
  • Presenting you with a test and condition report

Is your bike due for a motorbike full service? Contact Taverner!

All Your Repairs and Restorations in One Place at Taverner Motorsports

A long-standing family business with an enduring passion for the motorcycle scene, Taverner have spent more than 40 years perfecting our trade to its highest possible level. From our early days in Bathurst in the 70s to our current location as a motorbike repair shop on Brisbane’s northside, we’ve built strong long-term relationships with both our customers and our suppliers.

Whatever kind of work you need to be done on your bike, we can accomplish it… sometimes with help from our local and international network of paint, finishing, machinery partners, and parts suppliers. If we don’t have everything we need to complete the job ourselves, we can source it quickly enough from one of our contacts. Building up this network of connections took a lot of time and experience in this industry.

Whether you’re looking for a vintage bike restoration or a motorbike repair shop in Brisbane, Taverner can provide all the services and solutions you need. Instead of leaving your vintage bike to rust in the shed, take it to us so we can make it shine again.

Interested in a bike restoration from the Taverner team? Request a quote today, and we’ll soon be in touch!