Whether you’re a long-term local of Brisbane, Queensland, or you’ve stopped here on a road trip, you may have noticed it’s time to get a motorcycle service in Brisbane. Maybe you’ve spotted one of the signs,like wear on the tread of the tyres, a dirty air filter or a worn-out sprocket or chain. Or maybe you stick to your schedule pretty well, and that time has just come around again.

One of the biggest benefits for bikers of being in Queensland’s capital (and Australia’s third-biggest city) is just how motorbike friendly it is here. This region has beautiful surrounding areas to explore, cafes and restaurants dedicated to classic motorcycle aesthetics, and plenty of bike workshops and mechanics. It’s easy to find the right spare part, the right classic bike restorer or the right kind of motorcycle service in Brisbane.

Motorbike services are essential. That much is obvious. They keep your bike in good working order, keep it safe and keep you from paying for expensive repairs later. But talking about motorcycle servicing raises some important questions, such as “when?”, “where?” and “how much?”

The team at Taverner Motorsports has the answers – and the services – for anyone looking for motorcycles in Brisbane or the best repairs, parts or customisations to go with them. From humble beginnings in Bathurst in the 70s to our current location in inner-city Brisbane, we’ve had decades to work on our skills and learn all we can. When it comes to a motorcycle service in Brisbane, we know all about it, like what kind you need, whether it’s time for one and how to provide you with a good one.

If you’re in the Sunshine State’s capital, drop in to see us for a motorcycle service in Brisbane. When you leave our HQ, you’ll ride off into the Queensland sunshine with a safer motorbike performing at its peak.

When to Get Your Motorcycle Serviced

Motorcycle service Brisbane

The question of how often to get a motorcycle service in Brisbane doesn’t have a hard-and-fast, one-size-fits-all answer. Different kinds of motorbikes are designed with different priorities in mind. It depends a lot on what your bike is made for. Is it built to look good, last for a long time, or take you on a long-distance trip? How frequently you ride your bike is also a factor. If you ride it to and from work every day, it will require more regular servicing than if you only take it out for a spin on weekends.

There is a general guideline of a full service every six months, but it’s worth checking your bike’s manual for more specific information. Many manuals will tell you that according to your bike’s cc, it’s time for a service every 4,000-10,000 km. If your bike is brand new, it may be time for your first service after 800 km.

A more specific rule of thumb (although still just a guide) for servicing is that it’s necessary once a year if you ride once or twice a week, every 6-9 months if you ride three to five times a week, and every six months if you ride daily.

The Benefits of a Motorcycle Service

Motorcycle service Brisbane

A motorcycle service in Brisbane gives a professional a chance to look at your bike, change the oils, check the components, and repair and replace anything worn out.

A well-done service will have your bike running as smoothly and effectively as possible and warn you of potential problems before they can take you by surprise one day on the motorway.

To put it a little more precisely, some of the biggest benefits of regular motorcycle servicing include a smoother and more comfortable ride, longer-lasting parts, improved fuel efficiency, reduced risk of breakdowns and higher resale value. If you don’t make time for servicing, you’ll eventually have to make time for motorcycle repair in Brisbane.

What Happens if You Don’t Get Your Motorcycle Serviced?

Motorcycle service Brisbane

Skipping your motorbike’s service isn’t an experiment you want to try. In the short term, it will decrease your bike’s performance and fuel efficiency as parts fail to run as effectively as they once did. Problems that could have been anticipated and avoided during routine maintenance will erupt, leading to unsafe situations and expensive repair jobs. If you’re really unlucky, you may end up having to write your bike off or take it to a wrecker.

Prevention is better than cure, especially if a cure isn’t guaranteed. If you’re looking for a service at a place that knows motorcycles in Brisbane, Taverner is the answer. Motorcycle repair in Brisbane is another one of our specialties, so even if we spot something wrong, you’re still in good hands.

Book a Motorcycle Service at Taverner Motorsports

Motorcycle service Brisbane

Taverner provides two kinds of motorcycle service in Brisbane: major and minor.

We can service any make and model of motorcycle, and we also provide insurance motorcycle repair in Brisbane for all major insurers. Our services include everything from a simple oil change to a full bike restoration. And if you’d rather take a DIY approach to work on your bike, we provide the parts and tools for that too.

Recommended every six months, our MAJOR SERVICE keeps your motorcycle in perfect shape and includes the following services for just $499:

  • Replacing the engine, primary and gearbox oils
  • Replacing the filters
  • Changing the spark plugs
  • Adjusting the primary chain
  • Adjusting the rear and belt chains
  • Adjusting the clutch
  • Adjusting the throttle cables
  • Flushing the front and rear brake fluid
  • Lubing all of the pivots & cleaning the air filter.
  • Taking it for a test ride and providing a condition report.

We also have a minor service option designed to cover the basics in between more regular services. It includes replacing the engine oil, oil filter and spark plugs, taking it for a test ride and providing a condition report.

If you’re looking for trustworthy people who know motorcycles in Brisbane, Taverner can answer any questions, address your concerns, and solve problems both large and small, especially when it comes to motorcycle repairs in Brisbane.

A family-owned business with bikes in our blood, we’ve spent the last 40 years working on motorcycles and keeping up with the latest developments. Many of the old bikes that are classics now were brand new when we first started out, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

We’ve also used our time in the industry to build relationships with an extensive network of local paint, finishing and machinery partners worldwide. We use only the best. As a result, we’ve forged strong relationships with our business partners and regular customers who’ve come to trust the quality of our parts and our work. If we don’t have a particular part in stock for you, we can get that part ordered relatively quickly.

Ready to get a motorcycle service in Brisbane? Come and see us at 159 Abbotsford Rd., Bowen Hills, in Brisbane’s north. If you’d like to ask our friendly team any questions about our motorcycles in Brisbane, get in touch with Taverner.