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Routine Servicing

Your One-Stop Shop for Motorcycle Servicing and Maintenance – Our motorcycle routine servicing is designed to provide comprehensive maintenance and care for your bike, ensuring its optimal performance and longevity. Our skilled technicians will conduct a thorough inspection, checking and adjusting various components to keep your motorcycle in top shape. From oil and filter changes to inspecting brakes, chains, and suspension, we’ll handle all the necessary tasks to keep your bike running smoothly and safely on the road. With regular routine servicing, you can prevent potential issues, extend the life of your motorcycle, and enjoy a more reliable riding experience. Trust our expertise and schedule your routine servicing appointment today to keep your bike in peak condition.

Minor Servicing

At Taverner Motorsports, we understand the importance of regular motorcycle servicing to keep your bike running at its best. Our minor servicing package is designed to address the key maintenance needs of your motorcycle, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Major Servicing

At Taverner Motorsports, we offer comprehensive major servicing for motorcycles to ensure they are operating at their optimal performance level. Our team of skilled technicians will meticulously inspect and address every aspect of your motorcycle to keep it running smoothly and reliably.

Routine Maintenance

Regular motorcycle routine maintenance is essential to keep your bike running smoothly and ensure its longevity. At Taverner Motorsports, we offer comprehensive routine maintenance services to keep your motorcycle in optimal condition.

Motorcycle Detailing

We have a passion for motorcycles & know just how important your bike is to you – & just how much a sensational detail can add to the presentation and value of your motorcycle.

Parts & Accessories

Our warehouse stocks over 11,000 parts from many different suppliers for all makes and models. Our parts department are on hand with great expertise to help you find just the right part for your ride.


Some of our most commonly asked questions are answered here. For other queries please contact us directly, so our team can assist you.

At Taverner Motorsports Brisbane store, we service all types of motorcycles, including sports bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, dirt bikes, and vintage motorcycles. We do services for brands from various manufacturers including Harley Davidson, Triumphs, Victory, Polaris Indians, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and more. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to service all types of motorcycles.
It’s recommended to have your motorcycle serviced every 5,000 to 7,500 kilometers, or every six months, to ensure optimal performance and safety. However, the frequency of servicing may vary depending on the make and model of your motorcycle and your riding habits. At Taverner Motorsports, we can help you determine the best schedule for your motorcycle. Some signs that your motorcycle needs a tune-up include difficulty starting, rough idling, decreased fuel efficiency, and lack of power. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, bring your motorcycle to Taverner Motorsports and we can diagnose and fix the problem.
Yes, our skilled technicians can perform major repairs and engine rebuilds for most makes and models of motorcycles.
Our minor motorcycle service includes an engine oil change, replacement of spark plugs, air filter inspection, tyre inspection and pressure check, brake check, and a comprehensive safety inspection. While, our major motorcycle service includes a comprehensive inspection of your motorcycle, engine, gearbox and primary oil change, oil filter change, spark plug replacement, air filter inspection and clean/replacement, fluid flush, brake and clutch adjustment, chain/belt lubrication and adjustment, throttle adjustment and lube all pivot points, and a thorough cleaning. We also check the condition of your tyres, and air filter and provide a report on any issues that need attention.
Yes, we offer professional motorcycle detailing services that include thorough cleaning and waxing, as well as polishing of chrome and other surfaces.
Yes, we can use specific parts or brands upon request, as long as they meet our quality and safety standards.
We carry a wide range of tyre brands for replacement or upgrade, including Metzeler, Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone, and more.
Yes, we are a certified and accredited motorcycle service and repair center, with trained and experienced technicians who follow industry standards and best practices.
The time it takes to service your motorcycle depends on the type of service you require and the workload in our workshop but for standard servicing we aim for same day service. We strive to complete services as quickly as possible without compromising quality. We will provide an estimated timeframe when you bring in your motorcycle. The same applies on the full rebuild or major repair servicing. It varies depending on the extent of the damage or required modifications, and can be discussed during the initial consultation.
Yes, our Brisbane store offers a 3-month warranty on all parts and labour. If you experience any issues with the work we have done, simply bring your motorcycle back to us and we’ll fix the problem at no extra cost.