Servicing your motorbike may seem like a boring but necessary part of owning one, but doing it regularly is not only beneficial – it’s absolutely essential. Regularly scheduled services keep you safer on the road, keep your bike running more smoothly and help it to last a lot longer.

It probably comes as no surprise that motorcycles have wildly different lifespans and the ones with a higher level of quality tend to last the longest. Dirt bikes, for instance, commonly last a fraction of the length of well-looked-after sports and touring motorcycles. But regular maintenance also plays a very big part in increasing the lifespan of a bike, and the ingredients of any good motorbike service in Brisbane – such as checking and changing engine oil – are a vital part of that maintenance. Servicing becomes more exciting when you think about how it’s helping you preserve the power of your bike so you can continue enjoying it decades from now when it’s a certified classic (if it isn’t already).

So obviously servicing is important. But where do you find a motorbike service in Brisbane?

In this city, there are so many options around that it’s sometimes hard to pick one bike mechanic or motorcycle garage. There are methods you can use to find the right motorcycle mechanic: research, ask around, ask questions and take a good look around their workspaces, among other tips. But you can also make it easy for yourself by choosing a motorcycle workshop with more than 40 years of experience and a proven passion for their craft: Taverner Motorsports.

Taverner Motorsports not only offer a motorbike full service, but we also offer custom workshop services, modifications and reconstructions, and motorbike and part sales. We’re the Australian distributor for Mutt Motorcycles, a British company dedicated to small cc motorbikes in classic custom style. Whether you’re looking for the perfect bike or you’ve already found it and just need it serviced, roll into Taverner. You’ll be glad you did.

What’s Included in a Motorbike Service?

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Taverner Motorsports offers two styles of motorbike service in the Brisbane area: a motorbike full service and a minor service.

As a general guideline, you should book a motorbike full service every six months, but the rule isn’t hard and fast. Basically, the more you ride your motorbike, the more you’ll need to service it. Your bike’s manual is the number one authority for how often it needs servicing, but most manuals specify between 4,000- 10,000 kilometres.

Taverner’s full motorbike service in Brisbane costs $499 and includes all the essentials required to boost your bike’s lifespan: replacing the engine, primary and gearbox oils, replacing the filters and spark plugs, adjusting the chain, clutch and cables, flushing the front and rear brake fluid, taking the bike for a test ride and presenting you with a condition report.
The better you take care of your bike, the longer it will last, and Taverner is here to help you do just that. Our minor service, which costs only $220, is designed to be used between our motorbike full service and includes replacing the engine oil, oil filter and spark plugs plus the test ride and condition report.

We specialise in British, American, and Japanese motorcycles and have experience servicing different makes and models from various decades throughout motorcycling history. We stock motorbikes (and parts for motorbikes) from esteemed brands like Harley Davidson and Mutt Motorcycles.

After a Taverner motorbike service in Brisbane, you’ll have a clearer idea of what kind of condition your bike is in, and how you can further prolong its life.

Why Are Motorbike Services Important?

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A motorbike service will allow you to identify and fix any electrical or mechanical issues before they get out of hand. Allowing problems to go unchecked can lead to a written-off motorcycle or – worst case scenario – a severe or even fatal accident. Road safety matters so much that you simply can’t afford to neglect regular maintenance.
Regular servicing also keeps all the different parts of your motorcycle performing at their best, leading to a longer lifespan for your bike. Maintaining the individual parts of your bike helps them to function better as a whole. Keeping your brakes in good working order is obviously crucial for safety. Monitoring your tyres for wear and tear and changing them when necessary helps ensure you stay on the road and avoid slips and slides. And ensuring your motorbike’s chain is well lubricated lengthens its lifespan by preventing corrosion, reducing its friction as it engages with the rest of the drivetrain, and improving its overall performance.

A Taverner motorbike service in Brisbane addresses these different parts of your motorcycle so that as a whole, it can keep running at its smoothest. As a result, it will last a lot longer than it would if you neglected to service it.

What Happens if You Don’t Regularly Service Your Motorcycle?

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Even with a high-quality motorcycle brand like Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Mutt Motorcycles or any other, neglecting your regular servicing, or holding off for too long has negative consequences. Often it can be dangerous. Your bike’s performance and fuel efficiency will suffer. Problems that could have been picked up on and prevented will blow up in your face. The possibilities include extensive repairs, taking your bike to a wrecker or in some cases, serious injury or worse.

The best course of action is to spot potential problems before they arise and prevent them from getting any worse. That’s something Taverner Motorsports can help you with when you book one of our motorbike services in Brisbane.

Book a Motorbike Service at Taverner Motorsports

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Taverner is a family business with a long history of supporting the motorcycle scene and more than four decades of experience. From our early days in the town of Bathurst, NSW in the ‘70s to our current address at 159 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills in inner-north Brisbane, we’ve been perfecting our trade to its highest level of quality. We’ve been in the business so long that many of the bikes that are considered classics these days were brand new when we first worked on them. But despite all our experience, we’re always looking towards the future and ready to embrace the changes it brings.

We can not only provide you with a top-quality motorbike service in Brisbane, we offer a range of other workshop services as well as bikes and bike parts for sale. We’re the Australian distributor of Mutt Motorcycles and sell other well-made, reliable motorbikes. Our many years in the industry have led to us building strong relationships with both regular customers and our network of parts suppliers here and abroad. Our paint, finishing and machinery partners are on hand to help us complete any kind of work from a minor modification to a full-on custom build.
We only work with the best in the business. If you need a job done, we’ll either have the right tools or parts in-store already or be able to order them in before long.
To book a motorbike service in Brisbane or to ask the friendly Taverner team any questions, get in touch with us!