Your tyres are the only thing separating you from the full force of the road. It makes sense to choose the right ones, look after them, and watch them closely for signs of wear and damage. Choosing motorcycle tyres isn’t the easiest part of being a rider, and it’s far from the most thrilling, but it’s important to get it right. Taverner Motorsports have been in the motorcycle business for a very long time, so if you need some advice on how to choose motorcycle tyres, we’ve got you covered.

Old, thin, worn-down tyres are more vulnerable to punctures from nails, screws, broken glass and other tiny but potentially devastating road hazards. It’s important to check your tyres regularly: give them a once-over before you ride anywhere and examine the tread depth at least once a week. Tyres must have a visible tread pattern and a minimum tread depth of 1.5mm across that pattern to legally be considered safe to ride. 

Despite its importance, the state of a motorbike’s tyres is one of those areas it’s easy to overlook. Sometimes a tyre that looks healthy and full of life still can harbour hidden cracks or be suffering from the strains of old age. A tyre that you think is new may have sat on the shelf for years and actually be close to blowing out or losing traction.

Luckily Taverner can take a close look at your tyre situation and catch any potential problems early, as well as supply you with a terrific range of high-quality Brisbane motorcycle tyres.  Whether you’re looking for motorcycle tyre fitting, sales or advice, we’re Brisbane-based stockists of much-loved brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzeler, Avon and Pirelli with experience and knowledge you can trust.

This blog explores how to choose motorcycle tyres so you can stay safe on your motorbike when you hit the road.

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Different Types of Motorcycle Tyres 

There are five main types of motorcycle tyres available in Australia today. If you’ve only ridden one type of motorbike, you may not be familiar with them all. But when learning how to choose motorcycle tyres, it helps to become familiar with the different kinds.


On paved roads, these are the top-performing tyres for high speeds and lightweight corners. Lighter, softer and more rounded than other tyre types, they allow you to take corners at high speeds and remain stable. While many sports tyres are rounded, some are a little flatter, so you don’t have to dip too much when you get to corners.


Touring tyres are among the most versatile tyres around and are built for a range of conditions and uses, including long-distance trips and all kinds of weather. Made for comfort and high speed, they have less grip than sports tyres but a thicker tread that can take the bumps and hold its own in the rain.


These heavily reinforced tyres provide a high level of traction in wet weather and a sturdy foundation for tandem riding. Designed to be ridden for long periods of time, they’re hardy, versatile and offer good grip during turns as well.

ADV/Dual Sport

These tyres are built for riding in all conditions, whether on the road or down a dirt track. Designed to be smooth enough for the street but with enough tread to withstand whatever they encounter off-road, these tyres have the benefit of being able to take tight corners at fast speeds.


Some tyres are built specifically for the racetrack. Due to being designed to give you a competitive edge, they tend to be unsuitable and even illegal to use on the roads.

If you’re unsure what kind of tyres are best for your motorbike, Taverner is happy to help you out. As motorcycle tyre fitting specialists, finding and fitting the right Brisbane motorcycle tyres is one of our many talents. We’ll help you get the most out of riding in this city.

Not only do you need to know how to choose motorcycle tyres, but it is also important to know when you need new ones.

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Signs You Need New Motorcycle Tyres

How do you know when it’s time to replace your tyres? There are certain signals and clues that it helps to watch out for, including:

Signs of wear and tear

Examples include cracked sidewalls, uneven tread and a tyre wear indicator (TWI) mark that’s worn all the way up to the curved surface of the tyre.

Ageing tyres

Even if you don’t see any signs that something is wrong, tyres that are coming up to the end of their lifespans are more prone to accidents on the road than brand-new ones.

Tyre cracking

In countries that are very hot and have a lot of sunshine, like Australia, tyres can more easily crack. Tyres with large cracks can be less effective at gripping the road, leading to accidents.

Loss of tyre pressure

If you find your tyres getting regularly low on pressure or needing to be refilled more than usual, this is often a sign that it’s time for some new motorcycle tyre fitting.

Of course, it’s important to learn how to choose motorcycle tyres so that you take the right ones home.

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Tips on Getting the Right Tyres 

Some tips on how to choose the motorcycle tyres that are right for your bike include:

Choose the stock-size tyre that was designed for your motorcycle

Depending on your motorbike model, you may still be able to take your pick from a range of tyre types, including sport, touring etc.

Have your tyres balanced 

It’s a good idea to have your tyre/wheel assemblies balanced every time you get new tyres. If tyres are out of balance, it speeds up their wear and tear and can compromise your safety.

Don’t mix and match tyres

Make sure the front and back tyres match. Don’t ride around with one new tyre and one old one, as this can cause unstable riding conditions. Also, make sure you follow the directional arrows on the sidewalls of the tyres as they tell you which way the tyres are intended to rotate. It’s also important not to mix one radial tyre with one bias tyre.

Pay attention to tread pattern and compound

The way that you use a tyre will influence the kind of tread you pick and the rubber compound that goes with it. You need tread for traction in order to stay safe. Racing tyres with no tread will stick to the road but will lose their grip in wet conditions.

Apply a new tube as well

When you apply a new tyre, add a new tube to go with it. Old tubes in new tyres can eventually fail due to the rubber thinning.

Determine your bike’s load capacity

Tyres come with different load-carrying capabilities. Usually, your owner’s manual will tell you your bike’s load-carrying capacity, and the figures are also on the sidewall of the tyre. These figures are important to know for purposes like planning how much luggage to take on a road trip.

Take care of your tyres

Keep them out of the sunlight, especially if you live in a hot climate. Wash your tyres with water and mild soap, and stay away from cleaning products with strong chemicals. If oil or petrol gets on your tyres, wipe it off with a clean rag immediately.

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Motorcycle Tyre Fitment at Taverner Motorsports

If you’ve been wondering how to choose motorcycle tyres for a while now, Taverner Motorsports makes it an easy process.

We have a massive selection of Brisbane motorcycle tyres and wheels to choose from, from a range of high-quality brands well-known for safety.

You can also come to see us for motorcycle tyre fitting and other workshop services.

40+ years in the motorcycle industry means that at this stage, we’ve seen and worked on every challenge a motorbike can throw at its owner. Over that time, we’ve built rewarding relationships with long-term clients and suppliers.  

For more information on how to choose motorcycle tyres, help to find Brisbane motorcycle tyres near you or any other inquiries about motorcycle work, contact the Taverner team and request a quote