Motorcycles are fuel efficient, long-lasting, and a thrill to ride. With a few exceptions, they’re often cheaper to run than cars.

Yet certain costs can sneak up on you, like tyres, lights, electrical components and repairs. These costs present a dilemma. There’s only so much money in the budget, but you don’t want to compromise on quality. How do you ensure your bike is safe enough to ride without having to spend too much on getting it fixed?

Are you searching for motorcycle repairs in the Brisbane area? If your bike has gotten damaged on or off the track, you’re probably wondering what it will cost to repair and how long it will take. You may even be questioning whether it’s worth repairing or if it’d be cheaper just to buy a new one. Taverner is here to make the process a bit simpler for you. Our rates are reasonable and affordable, but we’ll never cut corners on your safety. We take care of your bike like it’s our own and restore it to a standard we’d be happy to ride ourselves.

With a business history that stretches back to the 70s, Taverner has a long track record of being passionate about motorcycles. We’ve had more than four decades to perfect our trade to its highest possible quality, and we’ve also built up an extensive network of loyal suppliers in that time. When you put your bike in for repairs with Taverner, you’re not just paying for a motorcycle mechanic in Brisbane. You’re paying for passion and dedication that can’t be faked, as well as a level of experience it’s hard to find elsewhere.

motorcycle repairs Brisbane

How much will motorcycle repairs in Brisbane cost? It really depends. Taverner covers insurance repairs on all major insurers, so you may be able to get it covered under warranty. Different motorcycle mechanics in Brisbane charge differently for their time, and finding the cheapest possible mechanic isn’t always the end goal. Instead, it’s best to make sure you’re getting value for money and putting your bike in the hands of someone who can do the job well.

You can shop around and do your own comparison, or you can start by asking Taverner for a quote.

Read on to find out more about what motorcycle repairs involve, who Taverner are and how we can help you look after your bike in all kinds of different ways, from Brisbane motorcycle spares and repairs to full servicing.

motorcycle repairs Brisbane

What Do Motorcycle Repairs in Brisbane Involve?

Motorcycle repairs start with a motorcycle mechanic in Brisbane taking a look at your bike and the damage it has sustained.

Our experienced motorcycle mechanics will then run through the whole process of detecting the faults and the best course of action to fix them, replacing the relevant parts if necessary, repairing broken components, reassembling the assorted bits and testing how well the vehicle performs.

The process is different depending on the kinds of repairs being done, but the right motorcycle mechanic in Brisbane will know what parts to source, how to ensure the bike is up to safety standards, and how to maintain it to keep it running smoothly.

Some of the most common types of motorcycle repairs in Brisbane include


If the battery drains while you’re riding, it could be any number of issues: old age, bad connection, corroded terminals, or a bad regulator. We’ll work out what’s causing the issue and help you regain the power with a battery life you can rely on.

motorcycle repairs Brisbane


Brake pads can wear down, leak fluid or develop a tendency to seize up. The thought of your brakes failing is scary – with good reason – but we’ll put them back in order so you can feel safe and secure riding your motorbike again.

Belts and chains

Your bike’s chain needs to be lubricated regularly, and it’s not uncommon for rocks to flick up and damage your drive belt. Fortunately, Taverner can handle the various problems with chains and belts and get your bike safely back on the road fast.

Electrical issues

Electrical problems can affect many areas of your motorbike, including the main fuse, the ground wires, the rectifier/regulator and the stator. Electrical work requires the proper training to carry out safely. Fortunately, Taverner has plenty of experience and deep knowledge.

The process of motorcycle repair in Brisbane with Taverner starts with contacting us for a quote. We’ll assess what needs to be done, let you know how much it will cost to fix and go from there.

A proper look at your motorbike will allow us to properly identify the problem and quote you a fair and realistic price for fixing it.

motorcycle repairs Brisbane

Get Motorcycle Repairs at Taverner Motorsports

Taverner is a comprehensive workshop equipped to handle any and all repairs. We work on all bikes regardless of make, model and age. We’re also the home of Brisbane motorcycle spares and repairs.

If your motorcycle body has suffered some damage, you may wonder whether it’s still worth repairing or if you should just find a replacement. The answer depends on the condition of the bike and what you want. Ask us for a quote or drop in and see us and we’ll lay out the pros and cons of the situation so you can choose which action to take.

Check out our workshop services. We cover everything from a simple oil change to a rebuild from the ground up. Whether you just need the basics to keep the motorbike running or require more detailed custom work, we’re always happy to help.

It’s recommended that you get your bike serviced every six months. While it’s not a hard and fast rule and depends on the bike and how much you ride it, it’s not a bad timeframe to aim for in general. Taverner offers a major service for only $499 that takes care of all the most important priorities, including replacing the oil, replacing the filter, changing the spark plugs, adjusting the clutch and throttle cables and providing a test and condition report.

Of course, taking care of your bike can sometimes mean going the extra mile, so we also offer a minor service to cover the basics more affordably, which includes an oil and filter change, spark plug change, and test ride and condition report.

Our qualified motorcycle mechanics in Brisbane can handle complex, detailed and intricate repair work. They can also handle insurance assessments, tyre supply fitting, motorcycle detailing, and other expert-level services. We work on British, American and Japanese motorcycles of various types. So whatever kind of bike you have and however rare the make and model, we can find the right parts and tools and work with the proper techniques.

Whatever you require, we can have your motorbike running like a dream for a price you’ll find reasonable and affordable. For Brisbane motorcycle spares and repairs of all kinds, we’re the place to be.

If you have any questions or want to book motorcycle repairs in Brisbane as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Taverner.