Before you follow through with the decision to book your motorcycle for a service, you’re probably wondering what the benefits of regular services are. Besides preventing an expensive motorbike repair, you can ensure your ride is as smooth as possible if you commit to regular services. Now, if that wasn’t tempting enough, your safety is also impacted by how frequently you service your bike.

During a ride, you’re sitting on a seat, potentially going hundreds of kilometres per hour on the motorway, so the last thing you want is a fault. At Taverner Motorsports, our team of experienced and highly qualified motorcycle specialists know the value of regular service in prolonging the life of your motorbike. So today, the Taverner team is setting the record straight on how often your bike should be serviced, taking you through how a regular service pays off, as well as the signs that indicate when your bike needs a service.

How Often Should I Get My Motorbike Serviced? 

Unfortunately, this is no simple answer to the question. In a nutshell, there is a general guideline of every six months, but this varies depending on your bike. Every bike is designed uniquely, which contributes to the beauty of bikes! Some are built with longevity in mind, some efficiency and others speed or aesthetics, so keep this in mind if you think you’re servicing your bike too frequently. There may be a deeper reason for it!

How often you ride and take care of your bike also contributes to the recommended number of services each year. So, if you’re riding every day vs only on weekends, you can expect more frequent services. How can you find out how frequently your bike needs service? Your bike’s specific manual is the preferred resource, but you can also check with what your trusted service provider recommends. 

You’ll find details on the exact kilometres that indicate its time for a service within your manual. Most manuals fall between 4,000- 10,000 kilometres, depending on your bike’s CC. If your bike is new, its first service should be scheduled after you travel 800 kilometres. If you find yourself not reaching these recommendations, the rule of thumb is to take in your bike once a year if you ride once to twice a week; every 6-9 months if you ride three to five times a week and every six months if you ride daily.  

What Happens During a Service? 

What happens during your bike’s service depends on the type of servicing you require. A motorbike service is more than just changing the oil, lubricating the chain and checking your tyre pressure. A reputable service provider like Taverner will provide a comprehensive service, where your bike components will be thoroughly examined to ensure they are working in optimal condition. 

What Services Do Taverner Motorsports Offer? 

At Taverner, we provide two service options; as we know our clients vary from motorbike enthusiasts who ride daily to weekend-only riders. So, with our assistance, you can choose from either the minor or major service.

If you require something more than a service, our qualified mechanics also provide all general repair work and supply and fit genuine and aftermarket components. 

Minor Service

Our minor service is tailored for riders requiring an in-between service. Our talented and experienced team will cover the basic servicing at an affordable price of $220. 
This service includes: 

  • Replacing the engine oil
  • Replacing the oil filter
  • Replacing the spark plugs
  • Test ride & condition report

Major Service

To prepare your bike to perfection, we’ve developed a major service option. Here you can expect the full works conducted on your bike, such as: 

  • Replacing the engine, primary & gearbox oil
  • Replacing the filter
  • Changing the spark plugs
  • Adjust the primary chain
  • Adjust the rear belt/chain
  • Adjust the clutch
  • Adjust the throttle cables
  • Flush the front & rear brake fluid
  • Lube all of the pivots & clean the air filter.
  • Test ride & condition report

As with any service, what you may require may be less or more than what is listed depending on your model, so we recommend getting in touch with our team to get a clearer idea of what your bike requires for an accurate quote. 

What Are The Signs Your Motorbike Needs Servicing? 

Like we mentioned earlier, sometimes your bike may need a service sooner than its manual recommends. Luckily, no matter if you’re a first-time bike owner or whether you’re a seasoned biker, there are some key signs you’ll be able to notice that call for an early service. But, unfortunately, sometimes life passes us by, and before you know it, you’ve forgotten your bi-annual service. 

For these reasons, regardless of your bike knowledge, these tips are useful to all bike owners. We know maintenance can sometimes come at an inconvenient time, but you’ll be met with more annoyance if you encounter a bigger problem that was easily preventable. 

1. Difficult braking

This would signal alarm signs for any bike rider. Difficulty braking poses a big safety risk, so as soon as you notice your bike is slow to respond on the breaks, it’s time to book in a service. Your brake should react smoothly and quietly but with only a short lever pull.

2. Unusual noises

This may be more difficult to spot for new bike owners who aren’t yet accustomed to the noise of their bike. However, any unusual noises, like the sound of scraping metal, typically indicates your brake pads need replacing. If the noise is grinding or clicking, then it’s likely your gears will need adjusting. Rumbling noises could indicate an issue with the engine. As you can see, there’s an array of noises that can come from your bike, and many of their related problems build up over time, so you may not notice the decline in your bike’s performance until following your service, where you’ll be greeted with a smoother ride.

3. Poor riding performance 

While your engine and battery are paramount to a smooth ride, don’t forget to pay attention to other areas of your bike that could be dampening your riding performance. If you notice multiple differences, no matter how insignificant they may seem, don’t brush them off. Your bike could be overcompensating, so it’s safest to take your ride to a professional for a service

You’ve likely spent thousands of dollars on your custom bike, so don’t delay a service that could cause more issues if you overlook any performance issues. Poor riding experience could burn down to multiple things, such as low tyre pressure, which is easily solved by regularly monitoring and pumping the tyres. 

If you notice reduced acceleration from your engine and strange noises echoing from the chain cover or chain itself, this could indicate an issue with your motorcycle’s chain. Lastly, if you’re convinced you’re experiencing low engine oil frequently, there could be a leak, which can lead to an underperforming and damaged bike. 

Unfortunately, we tend only to notice performance issues once they accumulate or when it’s too far gone. To avoid a snowball of damages, recognising the signs, monitoring your bike and getting regular services will take your bike the extra mile. 

Taverner Motorsports Are Here for Your Servicing Needs

As a family-run business dedicated to performance, custom bike shop services, and restoration, our talented and knowledgeable team know their way around various builds. Without regular maintenance, there’s a lot of pitfalls that can fall on your bike, so put your trust in the Taverner team and allow us to provide your bike with all its servicing needs. 

To see what makes our customers return time and time again, you can visit our shop in Bowen Hills or drop us a line on 07 3148 5288. If you’ve set your eyes on the Taverner experience, simply request a quote online today. If you enjoyed reading our blog, there’s more to come on our dedicated motorcycle blog that covers all things mechanical, history and builds. Whenever you’re ready for your service, we look forward to meeting you.