Motorcycle tyres aren’t cheap. The expense of buying new ones can catch a lot of people off guard if they aren’t prepared for it. When something goes wrong, saving yourself some cash is tempting by taking repairs into your own hands. But is it a good idea, or even possible to do? Can motorcycle tyres be repaired, or should you play it safe and purchase a brand-new set?

Punctures and other tyre problems can happen anytime and anywhere. While tyres are manufactured to be puncture-resistant, sharp objects and other obstacles on the road or the racetrack can still inflict some damage. That’s far from the only issue that can impact a tyre, too. The elements and ageing can both take their toll even on quality tyres from top brands.

Can motorcycle tyres be repaired? It’s possible to carry out small repairs on tyre punctures under certain conditions. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Most of the time, replacing the tyre is a better option.

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can motorcycle tyres be repaired

Issues with Tyres

Tyres don’t last forever. Unfortunately, there are a few problems that commonly occur with them, including


Punctures can strike no matter how careful you try to be, regardless of the terrain you ride on. Nails, screws, bolts, pieces of glass and even some natural objects like sharp stones can inflict damage.

Punctures can happen quickly or slowly. A fast puncture will likely leave you stranded on the side of the road, while the slow kind can cause the air to leak out over several days. There’s no surefire way to avoid getting a puncture, but keeping the tyre pressure at the correct level can help prevent it.


A flat tyre can make you feel like your bike is losing power and even cause it to shake lightly. You should never continue riding on a flat tyre, even for a short distance, as it lessens the amount of control you have and can permanently damage the rim of the wheel. You’ll need to pull over immediately. And unless you’re a trained mechanic or carrying a motorcycle repair kit, you’ll need to call for help.

can motorcycle tyres be repaired


Tyre cracking is a common problem in countries with very high temperatures and lots of sunlight. Sound familiar? But a subtropical climate isn’t the only cause of tyre cracking. Ageing, water damage, improper tyre pressure and other factors can increase the chance of losing control on the road or tyres blowing out. Motorcycle tyres over five years of age should be carefully checked for cracks, even if they look fine at first glance.

Loss of air pressure

The air pressure of your tyres should last quite some time without having to be refilled. If you notice it regularly getting low, that’s a sign that your tyres need replacing.

Both accidents and regular wear and tear can damage your tyres, making your motorbike less safe to ride and increasing the chance of an accident.

It pays to get your bike regularly checked and serviced by a company that offers Brisbane motorcycle spares and repairs. Among Taverner’s vast tyre selection, you’re certain to find the right pair for your machine.

can motorcycle tyres be repaired

Can You Repair Motorcycle Tyres?

The question “can motorcycle tyres be repaired?” is simple enough, but the answer isn’t so straightforward.

If you know what you’re doing, it’s possible to repair a punctured tyre safely, but only under certain circumstances.

If the puncture is in the tread and the hole is smaller than a quarter inch, you have a chance of fixing it with a plug or patch. If your bike has tubeless tyres, you can plug the tyre. If it has an inner tube, you must remove the tyre and patch it up. Sealants and plugs can be merely short-term solutions to tyre punctures, though. And when they fail on the road, accidents can happen.

Punctures on the tread’s edge or the sidewall are never repairable. You can’t repair the sidewall and keep its structural integrity intact.

Some high-profile tyre manufacturers recommend not even bothering with DIY repairs or plug kits and instead calling for help straight away. Common sense applies; as always, it’s best not to take unnecessary risks.

There are some easy ways to reduce the chance of tyre punctures and other problems: get your tyres checked regularly, make sure you’re using the right kind of tyres for your bike and try to avoid rough and hazardous roads as much as you can.

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Can motorcycle tyres be repaired? Yes, but often there’s an easier option: replacing them.

can motorcycle tyres be repaired

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