The quality of your motorcycle seat is no small matter. While it may not be the most obvious or exciting part of the bike to customise, doing so can make a world of difference to your comfort level. Long trips tend to make even the most seasoned riders start to feel sore after a while, and custom motorcycle seats can be the factor that helps you to go the distance.

You have options if your motorcycle seat is chafing, awkwardly positioned, or doesn’t suit your style. There are gel pads and air cell cushions, but these can be heavy and potentially change the shape of your seat itself. A more effective long-term method is to change the seat for one designed to suit your needs and preferences or modify or adjust the seat you have.

You can do this yourself when you have the right seats and sissy bars and accessories to go with them, or Taverner can take care of all your custom jobs right here in our workshop.

If you’re pretty skilled at DIY jobs and all you want to know is, “where can I buy motorcycle parts?” Taverner has a boundless collection of motorcycle parts from some of the best brands in the business.

And if you’re wondering why you should look into custom motorcycle seats instead of settling for the seat you have, this article explores some of the benefits of having your seat reshaped, revamped or remade.

What Are Custom Motorcycle Seats?

Custom motorcycle seats
At Taverner, one of the main services we provide is made-to-order motorcycle parts. While we certainly sell these parts to those who want to undertake some DIY modifications themselves, we can also take care of the job for you. Motorbike modifications can improve the performance, safety and look of your bike. And at Taverner, our modification services range from something as small as fabricating a bracket to a full-scale custom build.

Custom seats are simply motorcycle seats that have been made to order in a similar way, and Taverner can create one for any make and model of motorcycle.

Do you fancy a seat made from a more comfortable material, such as leather, suede or vinyl? Maybe you’d like patterned stitching in a classic single or double diamond tuck style or a timeless “honeycomb” or “tuck and roll” look? With so many colours and textures available, the choice is yours.

You can choose your seat type, material, and stitch’ pattern and colour. If you have the urge to embrace a fun home DIY project, there’s plenty of information out there about how to make your own custom motorcycle seats. If all you need to know is, “where can I buy motorcycle parts?” Taverner has got that part covered for you too.

Different Types of Motorcycle Seats

Custom motorcycle seats
Motorcycle seats come in different shapes, sizes and styles. While most of them consist of a baseplate, a cushion and a cover, there’s still a wide range of variation in how they look, feel and function. It’s worth getting to know a bit about the different types of seats before you go shopping for a custom seat of your own. Some of the best-known types include:

Solo seats

Like the name suggests, a solo seat is just a seat for one individual rider and doesn’t include capacity for a passenger.

Dual seats

If you’re looking for a seat that’s long enough to allow a passenger to ride behind you, a dual seat is a way to go.

Pillion pads

A pillion pad is a second seat for a passenger, and it’s placed behind the rider’s seat.


Foam is one of the most common seat materials and is considered one of the most comfortable. The foam these seats are made from is usually polyurethane or polyethylene, and both are buoyant and comfortable materials.


Gel is a strong but supple material that helps hold your lower back and tailbone in place comfortably and reduces the stress on your body while riding.


Air-based motorcycle seats are filled with pressurised oxygen, which helps reduce lower body stiffness and tailbone discomfort.

The best material for your motorbike seat depends on what you want to get out of your bike. Foam is a suitable option most of the time. If you’re racing, you might want to look into polyurethane foam combined with a vinyl seat cover. A gel or multi-layer foam seat might be your option if you’re planning to take a lot of long-distance rides.

Taverner can advise you on what kinds of custom motorcycle seats would be best for your bike and how you intend to use it.

Benefits of Custom Motorcycle Seats

Custom motorcycle seats

Some of the advantages of investing in custom motorcycle seats include:

Greater comfort

f your seat doesn’t fit properly or lacks cushioning or sufficient layers of protection, it’s going to be uncomfortable. The beauty of buying custom is that you can swap it for something much more secure, comfortable and personalised. A seat tailored to your needs, preferences, weight and body type so that discomfort stays at bay.

Easier long-distance travel

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road. But getting sore on long trips happens to the best of us, and having a cheap seat makes the feeling even worse. A seat customised for your comfort will help you go the distance.

Aesthetic appeal

You don’t have to get stuck with the style of seat your bike came with, even if it doesn’t suit you. Taverner has different types with different colours and textures available, regardless of the look you’re after, vintage or modern, timeless or unique.

Expanded vision

Adjusting your seat can lead to better views of the horizon and what’s happening around you. Lifting the pillion section of your seat up even an inch can allow you to take in more of your surroundings.

Better back support

Swap your existing bike seat for one with a backrest or invest in a sissy bar. A good backrest supports your lower back and provides that little extra bit of comfort, especially on long trips.

Where to Get Custom Motorcycle Seats

Custom motorcycle seats
You can buy custom motorcycle seats and motorcycle parts of all kinds from Taverner.

We have everything from solo and dual seats to pillion pads and sissy bars. Plus, we have accessories like screws, nuts and fender washers for DIY jobs. If all you’ve been asking is, “where can I buy motorcycle parts suitable for my bike?” Taverner can bring your search to its end.

We’ve been in the motorcycle business for more than 40 years, with a history that stretches from our early days in Bathurst in the 70s to our current home on the north side of inner-city Brisbane. Over the years, we’ve built strong partnerships with our parts suppliers locally and overseas. Whether you’re after a simple service, a straightforward modification or a fully-fledged custom build, we have the tools, the skills and the contacts to carry it out to your complete satisfaction.

To find out more about our custom motorcycle seats and other motorbike modifications, get in touch with Taverner.