Universal Inductive Rear Wheel Speed Sensor – Polished. Clamps Around Axle Spacer.

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Fitment Details:-

* Fits DAK-MCV-7xxx Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-MCL-5xxx Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-MCL-4xxx Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-MCL-2002 Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-HLY-2002 Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-MVX-2002 Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-HLY-3011, DAK-HLY-3015 & DAK-HLY-3016 Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-HLY-6000 Speedometers.

* Fits DAK-HLY-1000 Speedometers.

* Fits 1-7/8in. Mini Speedometers.

Features & Benefits:-

* Rugged & Dependable.

* Inductive speed sensors inductively read gear teeth, pulley bolts or any ferrous metal passing by the sensor.

* It provides a pulse signal to the speedometer which in turn calculates and displays the bike’s speed.

* Sensor housing is 1/2in. diameter by 1in. long.

* Thread pitch is 15/32 by 32.

Tech Tips:-

* Will not work to drive a stock Harley-Davidson electronic speedometer.

Proudly Made in the USA by Dakota Digital !