12 Volt Generator – Chrome. Fits as OEM replacement for Big Twins 1965-1969 & Sportster 1965-1981.

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Features & Benefits:-

* Each Generator is Pre-Tested by the Manufacturer

* Can be used to replace any H-D Generator from 1936-84

* Matches OEM Specifications

* Double sealed Bearing for longer life

* Needle Bearing with High temp lubricant

* High Temp epoxy Armature

Tech Tips:-

* Replacing a 1982-84 Sporster Hitatchi 65B Generator you must purchase OEM 31035-58 Oil Deflector & re-use your original generator gear.

* Replacing 1936-19576V 3 brush generator use OEM 31035-58 oil deflector, discard the original spring and old deflector. Cam cover & crankcase mount holes may need to be drilled to accept the 5/16 mount bolts.

* Check for clearance on foot clutch models.

* Polarizing:- With the motor off connect the in.Fin. terminal to ground and momentarily flash the in.Ain. terminal with positive. Remove ground from in.Fin. terminal. If you have properly installed a working regulator it will turn on and ground the in.Fin. terminal in which case you will not need to use an external ground.

* Caution! Do not flash the in.Fin. terminal. This will damage the regulator.

* Caution! Failure to Polarise the Generator correctly may result in a burnt-out aramture

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